Sadleirs – 2009 & 2013

Angel Air was contacted by the then Director of Sadleirs Transport, Steve Samson, to develop a solution to cater for the various environmental conditions requested by his staff. We spent many months with key stakeholders looking predominately at individual temperature control and energy efficiency. Many considerations were taken into account when comparing the new air conditioning systems with those in their existing building to address the issues associated with running costs and staff dissatisfaction.

Special considerations were made for their server room due to this being the main server for their entire Australian operation. A separate Mechanical Services Switchboard was used for this area as it enabled us to provide a duty/standby arrangement for the two Daikin Cassette systems along with integrating the power supply to the server room and the sales department office with a backup generator to enable the operation to continue during any situation. We also interfaced our systems with the fire control system used for the building via a relay logic alteration.

A simple text message from Steve Samson during the first summer of 2009/2010 read “40° outside, 100% of our staff happy, thank you!” was enough to know we got it right.

Sadleirs were so impressed with the systems installed that they contacted us when building their next office block and mirrored the design in another two-storey development.


“The planning, design and installation of our Actron air-conditioning system through Kevin Greensmith from Angel Air has been one of the most positive building projects I have been involved with.

Kevin has a “can-do” attitude that is both refreshing and effective. His anticipation of problems has meant the possibility of any problems is minimised.

When we embarked on this project we realized that we would have to pay a small premium to ensure we received a system that created a work environment that enabled our staff to get on with their work and not be focused on the temperature of the office. The level of control we have in the system that Angel Air have created has meant the conflict that can arise in the office due to temperature variations has been minimized.

I would whole heartedly recommend Kevin and Angel Air to anybody considering a quality air-conditioning system that adds value to their workplace”
regards Steve Samson