Zen Apartments 2013/2014

The project consisted of one five-storey and two three-storey buildings comprising 137 apartments, 23 commercial tenancies and two sub-level car park exhaust systems.

The air conditioning component for the residential apartments consisted of a range of split ducted, cassette and VRF systems all specifically selected for the areas being serviced.

A major challenge was encountered with the car park exhaust system due insufficient space to install a conventional car park system. This was overcome by arranging for CFD modelling and engineering to provide a jet fan solution for this project.


“We first encountered Angel Air in 2011 when sourcing an Air conditioning contractor to provide mechanical services for a 35 luxury apartment development we were undertaking. After much research, inspecting their premises and noting their professionalism and attitude toward their discipline we awarded Angel Air with the contract.

After engaging Angel Air on this project we found that nothing was too hard. Their workmanship was very good and their employees were all attentive to detail. Other than some minor adjustments after handover there have been no problems with this project since it was completed.

Our second larger project consisting of 135 apartments and 23 commercial tenancies was a challenge from a building perspective to maintain the heritage listed buildings within the envelope of the title. Many issues were encountered on this project which eventuated with Angel Air stepping in and taking over the mechanical engineering during construction.

The thought and detail that went into this project to ensure not only the mechanical services but also the electrical and hydraulics could be catered for was exceptional. They completed this project on time and within budget and were always available when required.

As we found Angel Air to be both competent and cooperative we also engaged them to assist us with the design of the mechanical services on another mixed use project consisting of a two level car park, commercial tenancies and two 9 storey apartment towers (Bella Vita Project).

It is refreshing to see professionalism and honesty coupled with such a hard working team. I can highly recommend Kevin, Richard and the team at Angel Air to any developer or builder requiring mechanical services for their next project.”

Sean Xing
Managing Director
NW Construction Management Pty Ltd
Sunshine Light Property Pty Ltd
Sunlong Constructions Pty Ltd
Natural Design Pty Ltd